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How Does Recycling Actually Work?

What happens after you put your recycling in the bin and drop it at the curb? Does it actually get recycled? Yes! At paper mills across the country, recycled paper is used to make the essential products millions of people rely on.

How Does Recycling Work

A promo teaser graphic for 十大菠菜软件's recycling video that explains how paper recycling actually works.

Paper and Wood Products Industry Value Chain

From the replanting of trees that supply fiber and enhance the environment to recycling paper and packaging that is turned into new products, our industry is contributing to a more sustainable future. 十大菠菜软件 member company contributions to a circular value chain are reflected in green.

What Happens at a Materials Recovery Facility

Question: After your recycling is picked up, where does it go? Answer: Once the recycling truck has picked up your paper and other recyclables, it heads over to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

Is this Recyclable? Extreme Edition

We get a lot of questions about is this recyclable or not. We also see a lot of things put into the recycling bin that might be considered outrageous. Learn the difference between accepted for recycling and recyclable.